Enviromental VFX

Before the end of the year I managed to find some time to add a little polish to the ocean, clouds, and sky model. Still haven’t updated cloud lighting much or added volumetric lighting for them. See below for a quick list of changes.

Some screenshots snapped during debugging

  • Day-Night cycle allows for visible stars/planets during sunset
  • Sky model a bit more realistic
  • Sun reflection in water is back
  • Quality option to use scattered sky reflection in water again
  • Improved look of clouds
  • Improved the look of sun and moon as procedural discs
  • Improved sky as viewed from underwater
  • Moon has a procedural texture w/ phases variant not shown that’s a WIP

Hopefully I can get to showing off the new procedural forest and new island generator sooner or later, however we are getting ready to move across the country now so I’m mostly doing backups and packing. All this stuff was easy to do in a night while also doing paperwork related to the move. Didn’t have time to make a cute video or setup nice shots. :3

Happy New Year First Cup