Happy New Year

I was really busy during the holidays on top of prepping for the big move, so I’m not releasing the “how to leave Twitter” blog post just yet. If it goes too long I will just start dumping some sample code on how to purge all your info from Twitter to make it clean account, and how to make a Pleroma to Twitter echo bot. Twitter to Fediverse bots on the other hand are fairly common. Checkout bunnybot to see a bunny photo posted every hour for proof.

That said I got my own social media instance and several servers setup along with some mobile apps and bots. Soon I will enable the bots all the time to post news about gamedev and more, but for now they only go live from time to time to monitor their posts. Right now the instance is mostly me posting gamedev stuff, talking to other hardware/software hacks, and making Hong Kong milk tea with boba. If you select ‘Known Network’ opposed to ‘Public’ you’ll see content from the wild fediverse outside of my network. This started being posts from developers making CO₂ monitoring keyboards to ‘nice photos’ of clouds, but now you’ll see content from far and wide outside my interests.

Speaking of alternative social media check out owncast if you want to run your own self-hosted Twitch. This can be useful for private streaming, or just to avoid having another company control your content. It’s always good to have alternatives.

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