Hendrix Games was founded in Washington State in 2016. Relocated to the Greater Atlanta Area in 2021. We develop our own game engine, tools, and games.

We also provide services for other studios to enhance their game engines, port games to new platforms, develop/host dedicated servers, and even release engineering.

If you need hand with Unreal Engine, Unity, or bespoke engine/middleware contact us via our biz email.

Recent Unreal Engine (UE4) work includes: extended a graphics middleware and ported runtime and shader compiler to Linux/Vulkan, customized Wwise (audio middleware) and created full automation system for content processing to free up audio engineers' time, developed engine level websockets for use with cloud apps (S2S/S2C), containerized dedicated servers and modified the engine for in-house Linux OS runtimes, and made a procedural placement middleware work on dedicated servers and additional runtime platforms.