First Cup

To recap we drove from WA to GA (~2.5 days) with some of the workstations and servers in the back, yet the shipping container got delayed for a couple of weeks. Now we have the shipping container coming tomorrow to unload into our new location. That’s right we are nearly done relocating from the Issaquah Alps to near the Blue Ridge.

I just got done updating some firmware to get the current router working properly with the new gigabit fiber. After some paperwork and setup for the boxes on the new LAN (10Gbps LAN/1Gbps, 2ms WAN) we should be fully setup for dev again. Perfect for multiplayer server and S2S tests.

In case you missed the riveting social media coverage on fediverse we just had our first handmade latte in the new place not long ago. Check out our instance to see more. The fediverse bots and media account should be active again soon. :3

Move 60% done

Move 60% done

Enviromental VFX Player Building with Blocks