WIP Character Creator

WIP Character Creator/Appearance system for my engine/game. You can adjust skin tone/paint colors, -/+ various body parts and sizes. The video is of my favorite player race, but there are others. 100% developed and ran in Linux. ;)

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Variation Video From Tweet


Character Create UI is currently done in imgui for faster development. Will have a pretty user UI later, but this let’s me and modders edit the UI while the game is running to prototype much faster.

Character Creation Sample Gallery

Maybe I should just make a quick beach volleyball game with monsters?


Yes, those pants are made of water. My renderer/material/clothing can use generic material types as well so you can swap them to various fabrics and not just colors. Should I allow players to have glass/water/gold/etc clothes?

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Here’s a joke/test of multiple layers of glass/water clothing: Not sure if you can notice the refraction.

Later I did a quick youtube video for the WIP:

WIP Moon Phase / Tides Weapon Models Update