WIP Moon Phase / Tides

Moon Phase Feb 4, 2020

I don’t think I showed working moon phase yet?

The stars are all done in a screenspace shader, and the moon is just doing a simple alpha blend based on vector driven by day of the month w/o additional occlusion as yet. Lunar cycle isn’t completely modeled yet. An average night the moon should shift ~12-15 degrees.

Tides Jan 11, 2020

Shows how time affects tides visually and with physics feedback for specific islands. I setup a simple embedded inspector view right in the dashboard for ‘world time’ and ‘physics for this island’s ocean water plane’.

Looking into using SDFs or clipmaps for final ocean implementation (not shown) to allow for rough seas and rolling swells.

Bonus: Pet animals (twitter poll request)

This is clearly a very early WIP, but it’s funny – enjoy. Please ignore all the debug/sandbox stuff in the background.

Basic Night Sky Test WIP Character Creator