Procedural Terrain Material

Late entry for #screenshotsaturday

I was taking a break from some other work, and reworked terrain shader proc sand to do all this with one texture and some slope/elevation aware noise and warping with LoD (no blending):

Video of procedural material at shoreline


Here’s a still. Also did some ‘swirly noise’ for blending grass/dirt types over terrain (camera very far away to see the effect) that looks like erosion.

Screenshots around generated island

I’m looking for papers/slides on volumetric (SDF?) based water I’m gathering resources.

I currently still use my single quad “VR water”, and it’s very boring. Sooner or later I need to add volume based water for rendering/physics to make sailing more fun. (waves with overhang)

WIP RPG with sailing, procedural worlds, and mod support Sailing to the lighthouse