Sailing to the lighthouse

Stupid lighthouse… I wonder why they have the beacon lit during the daytime? Why does it have 10 floors? #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #linux

Old sailing video last seen on twitter


Rough pass done for lighthouse with physics and basic materials. Every floor is about as tall as the “cog” ship. Made some modular spiral staircases to remove them later because no one likes spinning around and around while running at walls… go figure. :D

Image of lighthouse on terrain

Image of lighthouse on terrain

Here’s some perspectives to possibly give a better idea how freaking tall it is, and an idea how big a “tiny” test island. Skyrim is like 39km^2 iirc, and this is as big as one of the regions. The game is about procedural island hopping.

Screenshots around generated island

Procedural Terrain Material Basic Night Sky Test