WIP RPG with sailing, procedural worlds, and mod support

This page has some tweets + imgur posts combined here related to first posts of WIP RPG. These were some of the media tests done for social media video uploads. Using these to test video via hugo now.

WIP RPG showing scale of a “small” 8x8 island. SDF proxy shadows and other “far” LoDs only for now. I had to crop out 1080p from the 2k image to record for now, sorry. I did install OBS with NVEnc on new WS, so streaming is possible later. #screenshotsaturday #indiedev

Mage can handle a long blade too. Yeah, 1080p cropped video from 2k game resolution, and lots of other issues.


Rogue during mid-far distance SDF proxy shadow test. Line is showing when they enable by LoD. All other shadows besides screenspace shadows are disabled.


Youtube Test

Blargh… I need to figure out social media video deployment. Should I just be uploading to YouTube as 4k?

1440 downscaled to 1080 in OBS isn’t too bad I guess, but then the extra compression comes into play after upload.

Physics Based Sailing in First Person (Video upload test)

Generated island with small mountains

Lighting Model Tweet Procedural Terrain Material