Screenshot Weekend

Well, mostly focused on non-renderer stuff this weekend like bringing more of the web editor interface into in-game viewport UI. A few minor improvements to sky with a simple per fragment Preetham, and ported all my shaders to the updated Kagura shader lang to get ready for Vulkan.

Same scene with different foliage seeds and lighting

Below is a simple test for tiling fbm independently for foliage generation with the threaded voxel sectors, so there is no need to do another physics based ray cast pass. Each pixel is 0.5m^2 per sector here. Basically this is using a multi-level frequency hierarchy to generate the foliage overlays independent of other tiles, yet still match up. I might try to expand this to 3d vol tiles for things like clouds for proc sky + ray marching later.

    (x + tx * 512.0f) * frequency,
    (z + tz * 512.0f) * frequency,
    amplitude, lacunarity, gain);

Noise tile visualization

Ugly Terrain Noise!