Isosurface Extraction done quick

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Voxels and Triplanar Mapping only took a day and a half thanks to the excellent docs from Nvidia and my awesome little engine that could. Going to work in real-time editing and maybe tessellation guided by isosurface extraction later if I don’t get sidetracked with other big features. This is a CPU converted isosurface to standard mesh to use the CPU side physics. eg voxels -> mesh. Will be doing GPU side physics to use with noise based particles / fluid simulation at some point. Also GPU only is good for real-time editing.

BTW was using marching cubes for this, but I’m still toying with naive surface nets for low end mobile platforms as it’s much less ploygon soup when done. Also with naive surface nets you can generate less dense CPU side physics meshes then render on GPU in higher detail.

I also tossed in a preview of a simple 2 texture triplanar ‘cave’ material for the same shader.

Voxel Terrain UV Test vs Material

Here’s the algorithms:

Chapter 1. Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU

Polygonising a scalar field

Voxel Terrain Sector Preview